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Being Brave

I've always loved writing; putting my thoughts down on paper and hoping that the words might lift off the page to similarly lift a spirit. I've also built my career around the voice - so it seemed only right that these two paths should meet. I knew I wanted to write down some of the intimate things in my heart; some of the experiences that have moved me and shaped me, or even to ponder some of those big questions that we might never know the answers to. We've all had our fair share of challenges - and I'm sure we've all experienced those "sweaty palm" moments where, in the words of the film Love Actually, "twenty seconds of courage" is required to accomplish great feats. However, facing personal challenges and looking inwardly, I've been incredibly drawn to the small things; the small victories that for many of us, go uncelebrated. So, this is the first of my spoken essays (which will coming out as regularly as possible!) about just that - the small things. The things that go unnoticed but never un-felt. The bravery within all of us. #essay #spokenword #brave #motivation #motivational #motivationalvideo

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