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Madeline is one of the UK's brightest young musicians who has spearheaded several national charitable initiatives using music as a tool for good.

After overcoming serious illness as a teenager, Madeline began fundraising and has used music to raise significant sums and support local, national and international causes.

She was also the first ever 16-year-old admitted onto a degree course at The London College of Music and became one of the UK's youngest lecturers at the age of 22.

Now, having completed her PhD research, Madeline uniquely combines music and cutting-edge research to make real and lasting change.

Madeline is also a celebrated singer/songwriter and actress:

'The warm and velvety ‘Brand New’ demonstrates just how adept Madeline has become in blending chilled modern pop beats with the echoes of the legends...it seems only a matter of time before Madeline Castrey is recognised as a rising star in the constellation of modern jazz.'

Smooth Jazz Therapy


Madeline was born in a quiet village in Surrey and has been a lover of music from a very young age. Originally from a West End Theatre and television background, Madeline became seriously ill as a teenager and wanted to use her musical experience to make meaningful change. She became the first ever 16-year-old admitted onto an undergraduate degree course at The London College of Music, and went on to gain a distinction in her masters degree specialising in opera. Madeline is also a published author, lecturer and a PhD music student.

Madeline has created several national initiatives using music as a tool for good. This includes the formation of a nationwide United Youth Choir who released a new National Youth Anthem in 2020 and projects within Parkinson's UK and the Stroke Association to explore the link between music and improved motor function. Madeline has formed several ensembles within these groups and has released singles and an accompanying documentary which have been featured on national news outlets.

She is also a celebrated singer-songwriter and has released several singles with London labels to critical acclaim.




'Velvety vocals with a foot-tapping modern beat'



'Her velvety smooth Jazz vocals, blended seamlessly with a modern chilled Pop sound is completely revitalising a much beloved, yet rarely innovated genre.'

Jessica Rowe - Help Yourself Music


'This sultry yet hugely melodic cut has Madeline’s brand of soulful and sincere smooth jazz at its core

Smooth Jazz Therapy


'Rising star Madeline Castrey'

Drop The Spotlight


Madeline has performed as an singer and actress in some of the greatest musicals on London's West End, and on television networks including CBBC/BBC1 and Nickelodeon. She has also formed many successful vocal groups and choirs and performed at many wonderful venues including London stages and Twickenham Stadium. 


She is also a sought after arranger and composer who has arranged music for several highly successful charity campaigns, which has seen her appear on several radio stations including BBC Radio and on television features. For her fundraising work (which has seen her raise huge sums of money for national and international charities), Madeline was awarded a Princess Diana Award. Her latest mission is to make music accessible for all, and as such, Madeline has been starting choir/ensembles and other groups across the UK to improve access to music. She has founded The Parkinson's Choir within Parkinson's UK who released a Christmas single in 2019 with the twofold benefit of raising funds for the charity and improving motor function in Parkinson's sufferers through singing. In 2020, Madeline also created an original single for her new ensemble, 'The United Youth Choir' which took the form of a new National Youth Anthem sung by children and young people up and down the UK to promote togetherness through music. 

After becoming the first 16-year-old admitted onto a degree course at The London College of Music, Madeline went on to graduate with a master's degree with distinction and was subsequently offered a lecturing position - making her one of the youngest lecturers in the country (at just 22 years of age!) Within her position, she has revamped teaching modules to greater meet the needs of the modern student, and prides herself on her accessible and honest approach to lecturing and learning.

Madeline's debut book 'Fresher Pressure - A Guide To University' was released in August 2020. The book draws on her experience as one of the UK's youngest lecturers and a current PhD student to support and empower the modern student for many years to come.